The College Lady will provide the following services:

College selection guidance Transcript/curriculum review
Application review Resume review Essay editing Interview prep
Deferral/wait list strategies Financial aid information
Ongoing counseling for parents and teens Assistance with college transfers

In addition, The College Lady will provide families with the following benefits:

  1.     a calm, objective voice provided by a trained parenting coach;

  2.     a sense of perspective on a hyper and over-stressed process;

  3.     first hand experience with current application procedures;

  4.     up to date information on standardized testing and essay prep;

  5.     ability to help candidates balance quantitative information with a strong personal presentation;

  6.     on the ground knowledge of an ever increasing list of public and private colleges and universities;

  7.     familiarity with financial aid procedures;

  8.     experience as a journalist and editor for Newsweek and other magazines;

  9.     ability to judge art portfolios from more than a decade in graphic design and as a design professor.


Comprehensive Package

11th and 12th grade plan for fall of junior year through summer before college. This includes up to 25 hours of consultation and analysis, and will cover the following services:

  1.     Evaluation of grades and standardized test scores, responses to questionnaires and ongoing discussion

  2.     Development of an initial list of colleges to visit, and preparation for visits and interviews

  3.     Help with academic choices for senior year

  4.     Selection of final list of colleges, review of applications and essays

  5.     Weekly on-call hours for help with quick questions

  6.     The College Lady Binder which includes the following forms: application overview, high school timelines, campus visit checklists, financial aid timeline, and pockets to help organize all materials

One-Year Contracts

A limited number of one-year contracts are available for 9th and 10th grade students. These contracts include 3 meetings to get the High School years off on the right track. Meetings include discussions of class scheduling, summer plans, community service and extracurricular activities. Students who have one-year contracts are the first ones eligible for Comprehensive Packages.

Individual Consultations

For 9th and 10th grade clients, to discuss class selection, extracurriculars and to help with overall focus and direction.

For 11th and 12th grade clients (as time allows ... no meetings between mid-August and mid-November) to discuss the college application process and provide guidance.

Common Application Completion Group Sessions

These 2-hour sessions are offered in August and September in Washington, DC and Kensington, MD.

The College Lady will not: Write essays for clients. rewrite essays for clients, fill in applications, ask teachers for references or follow up with the high school, contact colleges about admissions decisions, provide any guarantees (written or otherwise) of admission to any college or university, or do anything she deems to be unethical in any way. 

Wendie (The College Lady) is great! I'm from New York so I worked with her over the phone and through e-mail. 
She was always there when I needed her and got back to me right away! She helped me find my perfect school, and I can’t wait to start. 
She checked in with me regularly and made the whole process a lot easier and a lot less stressful!
—Ally S.